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Gwen Brooks State Farm

Gwen Brooks State Farm

Gwen Brooks


I’ve always been about living life boldly with intent and purpose.  I grew up on a horse ranch in Laramie, Wyoming.  I landed in the Midwest after transferring from University of Wyoming to St. Mary’s in Winona, Minnesota, where I hosted “Awesome 80’s” show on KSMR radio as “The Wyoming Woman.” 

I had a stint at Fox News Channel before working at a couple NBC affiliates as morning show anchor, producer and reporter.  I loved finding and telling a story I hoped could make a difference.

I was blessed to work with business owners and help them tell their own story to prospective buyers through their advertising when I worked with RH Donnelley.  I was fortunate to place as the #1 Account Executive in the Midwest and #3 in the country.

My customers included insurance agents and brokers from all companies and my eyes were opened to this noble profession through them.  The pipeline income concept, along with unlimited success, flexibility and real Purpose drew me in to the very best in the business: State Farm.

I started a bilingual Spanish agency from scratch in 2006 (no customers or book of business) and was blessed to learn to survive and thrive through challenging times.  We believed in providing comprehensive protection to “Every Customer, Every Time” and help them in all the ways our company can. I believe it was this customer-focused approach that earned us rankings in the top 1% of our 19,000 agency-force several times and top 50 agencies in the company.

State Farm recruited me into leadership to help find and coach agents and help them find their true potential through serving our customers and telling their ‘story.’ 

I missed serving customers directly and have come back "home" back to my role as a State Farm Agent in Fort Collins, CO in an area I grew up.

My incredible Office Manager Yesenia Sanchez, who worked for me in our agency in Illinois, moved her family here to serve & protect the communities in Colorado & Wyoming with comprehensive tailored plans.

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