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Pure Barre Fort Collins

Pure Barre Fort Collins

Meg Gonzales


Our mission at Pure Barre Fort Collins is to empower people to connect through the joy of movement, cultivating resilience, acceptance, and community. Come as you are; let's have some fun!

Pure Barre Classic is our proprietary technique is the fastest, most effective low-impact, full-body barre workout using a ball, light hand weights and a resistance double tube. 

Cross train with our 4 total formats to reach your wellness goals. 

Pure Barre Define fuses concepts from our classic barre technique with weight-based strength training to develop muscular strength and power.

Pure Barre Align combines our classic strength-building barre technique with a unique emphasis on flexibility and balance training to deliver a restorative full body workout

And finally Pure Barre Empower is our fusion workout of Classic Pure Barre and high-intensity interval training designed to elevate your heart rate, build strength, and increase your metabolism

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