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Mortgage Loan Originator

Brie Sipes


Mortgage Loan Originator

Hi there!

I am your local Loan Officer, Brie Sipes, and I am thrilled to work alongside you while mastering your goal of homeownership!

Homeownership is achievable for EVERYONE. It is just about finding the right people to work with, having the resources, and ensuring the timing is right for you! Growing up in a household where my mom worked in mortgage and real estate, I gained real-time experience and followed in her footsteps!

A fantastic tenured company backs me, and I am surrounded by a great team of mentors ready to help make the process seamless. With their support on the back end, I am here for YOU. I genuinely believe communication is KEY when creating and building our relationship. I will assist with education, support, and guidance throughout the process to make it as successful and seamless for YOU, my clients, and real estate partners.

While outside of the office, I am a Colorado native that loves to spend time on the move, and I take having fun very seriously! I’m one of those outdoors women who will conquer the elements for a workout, drive 16 out of 24 hours to catch a good concert, watch any sporting event, or walk the neighborhood with my 11-year-old stubborn Husky! Doing what I love keeps me centered and makes some excellent stories, which I’m happy to share over tacos! Did I mention I LOVE tacos? I love tacos!

If you are part of a fantastic family like I am, a young first-time homebuyer like I once was, or a First Responder like my Boyfriend, a wide variety of loans and programs can help us meet your goals.

I want to help YOU achieve the homeownership dream!

Let’s do this!

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